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He Llegado en Deutschland

I have arrived!


P1070136.jpgMade it to Germany!

I had the middle seat of my overnight flight, which means I'm pretty sure I took over the space of the people on both sides of me. It's grey here, pretty typical of Germany I guess during winter. So glad I have the weekend to adjust to the time difference. I'm staying with a girl named Stacey who so generously offerred her guest bedroom to me. She's active duty army and also a social worker - we get along great and I feel really fortunate. Stacey lives in Steinwenden, which is only 10 minutes from the hospital in Landstuhl. (The Air Force base is 20 minutes away in Ramstein).

Saturday we explored the PX on Ramstein base, which is just amazing to me since the PX is basically a mini American mall and super walmart in the middle of Germany. At multiple times I had to stop and say, 'whattttt is this?! where am I for real?" It's like you enter the doors into this American bubble complete with a food court. The commissary is the grocery store, all American stuff again. Both are cheaper than on the economy (Euro isn't doing too well right now). Thanks to Stacey I was able to get stuff, since she's Army.

We had a German dinner Saturday night and I had my first beer and bratwurst. We then hit my first gathering at night, a wine party that resembled many a NYC gathering. I felt right at home. Stacey's been introducing me to lots of people and everyone has been really nice. Today is Sunday and we went to Church. It's a nondemoninational church, which was a new experience for me. I ate the body of christ before I was supposed to. Opps.

Tomorrow I navigate the trains and head to Kaiserslautern to figure out my Visa. I start at the hospital Tuesday!

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